St. Bede Parish

PASTOR: Rev. Edward M. Bryce
DEACON ADMIN:  Deacon Rick Tucek


Visiting Priests

Father John Twinomujun

On August 4, 2010, Saint Bede Parish was blessed with the arrival of a new priest in residence.  Fr. John Twinomujuni came to Pittsburgh to study at Duquesne University.  Father John will be in residence at Saint Bede for two years while he finishes his studies in Health Care Ethics.  Once his studies are completed, the Bishop of Rwanda will decide what Father John’s next appointment will be.

Father John is from Uganda, Africa.  He comes from a family of nine children.  Father John is third oldest.  Prior to coming to the United States he was working in Rwanda.  On April 29, 2001, Father was ordained a priest in the Diocese of Rwanda although he completed his formation in the Apostles of Jesus Congregation.

Father John says that there are two things that he likes most about Saint Bede Parish:  Father Bryce’s lovely concern for the African Church and Saint Bede’s lovely community.

Father Michael Mburu

With the arrival of Father Michael Mburu, A.J. in August 2012, God has blessed our parish once again with a priest from the Apostles of Jesus. Father Michael comes from a place called Uplands in Central Kenya, Africa. His home is in the Nairobi Archdiocese. He is the youngest of six children. His family includes his mother, two sisters and three brothers. Father Michael gets a chance to visit home about once a year, but this can vary, depending on his commitments.
Father Michael joined the Apostles of Jesus Major Seminary in 2000 and was ordained a priest in 2010. Before coming to Saint Bede, he was serving as the Secretary General of the Religious Missionary Institute of the Apostles of Jesus in Nairobi.
Father is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Philosophy at Duquesne University and is hoping to complete his studies in two years. Once he is finished, Father hopes to teach philosophy and continue preaching the Word of God.
When asked what he hopes his next assignment will be, Father answered with the heart of a servant of God: “As a missionary, I am ready to serve God wherever He sends me and that includes the United States.”
When asked how he likes Pittsburgh, Father responded, “I like the infrastructure of Pittsburgh, but am anxious about the weather, especially winter!” When asked about Saint Bede Parish, Father Michael said, “I really admire the splendid commitment of the Christian community at Saint Bede led by one lovely charming Pastor, Father Bryce. The choir is just awesome! That tells you that I like music.”
Saint Bede welcomes Father Michael and thanks the Apostles of Jesus for giving one of their missionaries to our parish community, and for sharing their love of Jesus and His Church with us!

“There are two things I like most about St. Bede Parish: Father Bryce's concern for the African Church and Saint Bede’s lovely community.”

-Father John