St. Bede Parish

PASTOR: Rev. Edward M. Bryce
DEACON ADMIN:  Deacon Rick Tucek


Christian Mothers

The Christian Mothers met for the first time in1850 in Lille, France.  Interest in the society quickly spread and it was not long before a confraternity of Christian Mothers was established in the United States. In 1984, Christian Mothers was established in St. Bede Parish.

Christian Mothers’ aim is to educate women in their duties as mothers, to encourage all mothers to live lives of virtue, to impress on women the importance of their vocations as mothers, to show women the ways to attain their own and their families sanctification, to encourage women to raise their children in such a way that they become beautiful ornaments of the church and vital members of society, and to ensure women’s temporal and, especially, spiritual welfare.

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Any Catholic woman, married or widowed, may ask to become a member of the Christian Mothers.  There are several other general statutes that must be followed but are not listed here.  There are no formal meetings of the Christian Mothers.

Members serve the parish community in predominately two ways:  they lead the daily rosary prior to Mass and they lead the rosary for deceased members of the parish at the funeral homes.

They shall learn to walk in the sight of God;
Like the sanctuary lamps before the altars, they,
In the hallowed precincts of the home,
Shall cast bright rays upon the families;
They shall sacrifice and consume themselves, as it were,
In holy flames
In the service of God
For the welfare and salvation
Of their families

Mother Love, A Manual for Christian Mothers

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