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Queen of Apostles Academy

The Association of Friends of Queen of Apostles Academy Solidale-Kyeror

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A Personal Journey for Katie Prochownik

Fausta and I have been pen pals for 5 years now. We have grown up learning about our different ways and cultures. It was exciting knowing that I was going to meet her when we went to Uganda. My entire service project was thought up with her in mind. I knew I wanted to go to her school and teach there.

My time in Uganda was one of the most humbling experiences of my life. Although I traveled there to teach them in their schools, it was really the people there who taught me. They taught me about love, patience and generosity.

Fausta will always be a part of me. Our correspondence now has a tangible anchor. I have learned so much from her and I hope that, with each letter, we continue to become closer.

Thank you to all of those who helped to make this trip possible…it was one in a million. 

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