St. Bede Parish

PASTOR: Rev. Edward M. Bryce
DEACON ADMIN:  Deacon Rick Tucek


Parish Pastoral Plan

St. Bede Parish Pastoral Plan  2015-2020

Mission Statement

St. Bede Parish is a Roman Catholic faith community located in Point Breeze with members from the  East End neighborhoods of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Rooted in our Baptism and centered in the Eucharist, we share responsibility for the mission of our parish and the universal Church.

Blessed by our legacy of faithfulness and commitment, we reach out to include the diverse population of our dynamic city neighborhood.

We seek to deepen our faith in all stages of our lives, to bear witness to Christ’s teachings in the secular world, and to serve the needs of others.


The St. Bede Parish Pastoral Plan is composed of our Mission Statement and five Key Areas:

  • Unity, Inclusion, Outreach, Integration are key characteristics of a vibrant parish.  As our Church is one in faith, in worship, and in the sacraments, and unified by the bond of charity, so must our parish be.  We will continue to strengthen bonds and sense of community and reach out to all those who seek Christ in their lives.  All are welcomed to join in our journey of faith and service.
  • Our faith is meant to be lived. Spirituality and Faith Formation help each of us find ways in which we can better live our faith as servants in the example of Jesus Himself.
  • Service is an active expression of living our faith, sharing our resources with those in need, both within and outside of our parish.
  • In the Eucharistic Liturgy, Jesus Christ comes to meet us.  It is incumbent upon our parish to invite, engage and enable everyone to participate authentically and intentionally in this Sacred Liturgy.
  • Stewardship is giving back to God what He has given to us.  It includes discerning our gifts through prayer, sharing our time, talent and treasure, and growing in our understanding of what it means to be a servant.


Unity, Inclusion, Outreach, Integration

Goal 1:  Use every opportunity to integrate parishioners into extra-liturgical activities

Action 1:  Continue to hold four Fellowship Sundays annually
Action 2:  Continue First Friends program that welcomes new parishioners individually and host two dinners annually to gather new parishioners as a group
Action 3:  Continue two major all parish social events:  the Shrimp Boil and the Parish Picnic
Action 4:  Explore adding two smaller social gatherings annually, considering events that are family friendly
Action 5:  Update the Unity Working Group page on the parish website at least annually

Goal 2:  Develop and implement a systematic approach to increasing parish participation in all areas, including working groups, social events and service projects

Action 1:  Utilize information generated from the Parish Census (See Stewardship Goal 2/Action 1) to establish and implement an engagement process with parishioners
Action 2:  Create and implement a personal approach to register new members after weekend Masses on a regular basis

Goal 3:  Support the parish Youth Ministry

Action 1:  Establish and maintain regular communication between the Youth Minister and the Unity and Service Working Groups as a way of integrating youth programs into the parish (See Service Goal 1/Action 3)

Spirituality and Faith Formation

Goal 1:  Develop and nurture small group programs that meet regularly for fellowship, study and prayer

Action 1:  Continue the Book Club and Bible Study
Action 2:  Support and encourage existing small groups as well as new small groups that examine and practice various aspects of the faith

Goal 2:  Conduct lectures and discussions of catechetical and theological topics

Action 1:  Continue lectures and discussions of catechetical and theological topics at least twice each year
Action 2:  Consider lectures and discussions of topics of special interest to younger parishioners
Action 3:  Conduct a periodic program of Question and Answer sessions with the pastor that considers Church doctrine, including topics that may be considered controversial

Goal 3:  Educate parishioners about resources that help us to live our faith and offer models of positive spirituality

Action 1:  Update the Spirituality and Faith Formation page on the parish website at least annually
Action 2:  Work with the pastor to select external educational and spiritual development websites and resources

Goal 4:  Enhance opportunities for parents to grow in their role as the first teachers of faith

Action 1:  Develop programming for parents


Goal 1:  Identify, communicate and implement opportunities for service, with a focus on local engagement

Action 1:  Evaluate service projects annually to create the list of service projects beginning in September of each year
Action 2:  Research opportunities for local/neighborhood involvement-for example, cluster parishes, other churches, organizations such as EECM and Homewood Children’s Village
Action 3:  Establish and maintain regular communication with the Youth Minister and school groups to support our youth involvement in service
Action 4:  Support our Seniors in the parish

Goal 2:  Identify and engage leaders for service projects and individuals with a desire for service

Action 1:  Organize Service Opportunities Sunday in the Fall of each year in collaboration with Unity
Action 2:  Build an email distribution list of interested people
Action 3:  Communicate through email blasts, bulletin announcements and other media
Action 4:  Update the Service Working Group page on the parish website at least annually


Goal 1:  Strengthen our understanding and live out the importance of the Eucharist during Mass and in our daily lives

Action 1:  Offer a parish mission with a focus on the Eucharist
Action 2:  Establish a lecture series on the Eucharist

“In the Eucharistic Liturgy, Jesus Christ comes to meet us.  It is incumbent upon our parish to invite, engage and enable everyone to participate authentically and intentionally in this Sacred Liturgy.”

~Definition of the Liturgy Key Area in the St. Bede Parish Pastoral Plan 2015-2020

Bread of Life Series 2015-2016

In this year-long study of the Eucharist, Father Eugene F. Lauer, STD will guide us through a five part series that is designed to enrich us both personally and as a parish community.

All sessions will be held from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the St. Bede School Cafeteria

Each session will include a 45 minute presentation by Father Lauer, followed by open discussion.  You are invited to stay after the end of the program for informal discussion with Father Lauer until 9:00 p.m.

Session Dates:

Session #1:  October 15, 2015:  Audio Recording is now available. 

Session #2:  November 12, 2015

Session #3:  January 14, 2016

Session #4:  February 11, 2016

Session #5:  March 3, 2016

Make-up date, if needed:  April 7, 2016

Please see the attached brochure for more details on the Bread of Life Series.

Presenter:  Fr. Eugene F. Lauer, STD

Fr. Lauer is a priest with the Diocese of Pittsburgh and holds a doctorate in Historical Theology from Gregorian University in Rome.  He has served on the faculties of Duquesne University and LaRoche College in Pittsburgh, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Wheeling Jesuit University, and the University of Notre Dame.

For 17 years, Father Lauer was Director of the Hesburgh Renewal Center at the University of Notre Dame.  He then served as Director of the National Life Center in New York, where he engaged in national surveys and research concerning U.S. pastoral leadership and lay ministry.

Father Lauer is the author of numerous articles and four books:  Contemporary Gospel Insights (ebook available through Amazon or Paulist Press), Sunday Morning Insights, Christian Understanding of the Human Person and Human Service Strikes: A Contemporary Ethical Dilemma.

Action 3:  Create a Liturgy Working Group page on the parish website and update at least annually

Goal 2:  Develop a year-long examination of the liturgical practices of the parish

Action 1:  Identify a core group of parishioners who have participated in Goal 1/  Actions 1 and 2 and will, in consultation with the pastor, create and implement the process for the study of the liturgical practices of the parish
Action 2:  Establish the areas of the liturgy to consider based on the study of the Eucharist in Goal 1.  Topics generated at the 2015 assembly included homilies, music, dedicated Masses for different groups, sound system and use of media

Goal 3:  Strengthen every dimension of our Sunday worship

Action 1:  Implement the recommendations of the year-long study in Goal 2


Goal 1:  Foster the understanding that our gifts are from God and are to be shared

Action 1:  Communicate regularly that Stewardship as the sharing of Time, Talent and Treasure by all members is essential to the vitality of our parish
Action 2:  Provide information about Stewardship efforts on the parish website and update at least annually

Goal 2:  Identify the gifts, talents and interests of parishioners so that all might participate more fully in parish life

Action 1:  Conduct a parish wide census that establishes updated contact information and identifies talents and interest in ministries

Goal 3:  Support and monitor the ongoing work of the Communications/Technology Committee

Action 1:  Develop a model communication program that considers the needs of different audiences and employs current methods of communication
Action 2:  Evaluate and respond to the changing technology needs of the school and parish

Goal 4:  Strengthen relationships and regular communication among the Pastoral Council, Finance Council and parish and school leadership groups to support the effective use of parish resources

Action 1:  Conduct at least one annual meeting between the Pastoral and Finance Councils in the Spring to discuss new pastoral plan actions, the upcoming parish budget and the statusof Our Campaign for the Church Alive! funds
Action 2:  Establish regular communication between the Advisory Councils via Council liaisons
Action 3:  Organize an annual session in the Fall for all PPC members and Working Group Coordinators to gather together to brainstorm ideas, share resources and communicate about goals and actions
Action 4:  Create a process to define the roles and responsibilities of lay leadership positions in the parish so that gifts and talents are effectively used
Action 5:  Provide regular opportunities for parish and school leadership groups to share information and concerns